Break yourself (open)

At times, we all get laid out by life.

Coach Will here. I lost a close family friend recently, and the experience punched me. It reminded me of one of life’s non-negotiables.

At one point or another, again and again, life will serve us up a healthy plate of crap, of unfair, of what-the-fck. It’s part of the cycle of things, but the loss still causes pain; occasionally, the forest burns.

It hurts like hell. It leaves coarse scars on our psyche, and can torture us by following even into our dreams and our big decisions (not to mention our relationships and our health).

practice makes perfect or perfect breaks practice?

One of my private clients recently hit a 4-day streak with her daily Kinstretch practice -- a goal we have been working towards for the past 2 years. (A proud coach Hannah, here.)

While asking her what she noticed during this streak, some very key insights came to light, and I’d like to share those with y’all.

The first thing she noticed was that her former mindset had been holding her back.

“I kept thinking that if I did my movement practice perfectly, I would become fit and strong IMMEDIATELY! But then it also gave me an excuse to do nothing if I felt I couldn’t do a perfect session.”

Spring Statement

I (Coach Will) spent my senior year of high school in the woods of northern Michigan.

Coming from the beachy, year-round vacation lifestyle that is Southern California, the harsh reality of seasons nearly knocked me on my ass that year. I’d been cold before, but losing sensation in my gloved fingers in the 5-minute walk from the dining hall to the rehearsal shed? Puhhleaaase.

The student body was a high-strung bunch to begin with (it was an arts high school after-all...think FAME, but surrounded by lakes and trees), but the overwhelming winter, unwieldy teenage hormones, and prodigious amounts of artistic talent-potential (and therefore, expectation) warped us into a seething mass of odd-balls.

Food Feels

Guys. I’m sitting here, writing to you, with a gut-ache because I ate garbage oil in two forms - Potato chips & chicken salad. (A sluggish Coach Hannah, here, sharing some post-lunch feels.)

This used to be a regular lunch for me - probably close to once a week. I have since learned a lot more about nutrition and how certain foods affect my particular system (which is the most useful type of nutrition knowledge there is IMHO).

This is a rant for another day - but in short: Your subjective experience of how a food object affects you is way more useful than “facts” about how healthy/nutritious/harmful that food “objectively” is. Provided you are being holistically honest with yourself.

...Let It Rot...

You ever stop to think about how much information there is in the world? (Coach Will here)

Even before the internet, the vast billions of humans who came before us thought and wrote and argued over every little scrap (and the big stuff too :). But now, with the perverse combination of absolute frictionless connection (world wide web) and the promise of viral content (pushing more of us than ever to create ever more), we are drowning in the stuff.

More opinions, more blogs, more social media posts, and--yes--more newsletters, than any of us could ever read in 10 lifetimes.

Altered State, or Altered Trait?

An image from Sam Harris (he’s got an excellent guided meditation app that has been a big help for me) has been stuck in my thinking recently: most of us, most of the time, are just flailing around in the windstorm of our thoughts.

Pulled every which way, with no real rhyme or reason, we can often feel utterly out of control, even when we’re trying really hard to be in control.

I know this feeling well. That particular “brain-pinch” when I imagine that through the power of my own willful thoughts I will somehow change my reality. The utterly egotistical stance that somehow my thinky-thinky will take charge and fix it all.

Harness Yourself

I start my days early. And not because I’m a morning person. (Coach Will checking in 👋)

I pull myself out of bed, slip on sweats, and stumble in front of the little space heater in the office of my apartment.

Yawning, bleary-eyed in the artificial overhead light, I take a sip of water and settle onto a purple cushion that my love gave me.

Curl Control

Curl Control

Allowing my natural curly hair to be… well, curly has been a powerful lesson in letting go of control. 

Which is NOT my natural impulse. I like things better when they are controllable. Decide-on-able. When each element can be arranged just so. This is not possible with natural curls. 

Thanks to the relationship with my mane, I’m realizing that “control” is an illusion, in most areas of life. 

We like to think we can control our bodies.

I hear this notion most often with clients who have had chronic pain. They’ve worked out certain positions in which they can successfully not feel their pain, and mistake that to mean that the pain is gone.

(Not the same thing, at all.)