Want to change? Get a coach.

Coach Hannah helping Whitney get the most out of a kettle bell rack hold.  

Coach Hannah helping Whitney get the most out of a kettle bell rack hold.  

We're in the business of changing bodies. 

Not overnight--that's called plastic surgery--and not just for looks (although that is definitely a goal for some of our clients). No, we are focused on one thing: working with you, now, where you are, to be better.  

Our clients range from the 60-year-old golfer (who moves past an elbow injury to lower his handicap) to the 28-year-old programmer (who told me last week that she is actually enjoying being active, "for the first time, uh, ever"). 

Though our clients are diverse, with different starting points, different destinations, and different constraints on how to get there, they have two things in common: They are actively engaged in the change process, and they have a coach (well, two!). 

 The first step in the coaching relationship is identifying each client’s individual strengths and weakness (where are you NOW?).  Then we discover what matters to them, body- and movement-wise (where do you want to GO?). This allows us to collaboratively define what success will look like, so that we can celebrate it when it happens. Then, day by day, we help our clients stay on that path, no matter where it winds. 

This process--of getting continuous, informed, and objective feedback in a way that you can actually apply--is the secret sauce that makes change happen in any realm, fitness or otherwise. This is how musicians become virtuosos, how entrepreneurs break through to the next stage, and how everyday humans actually change their bodies. Without consistency, nothing sticks long-term; without expertise and objectivity, you go in circles, never really moving forward. 

Every person who comes in to see us truly is different, and those differences need to be acknowledged. By personalizing your fitness--focusing on you--and then keeping you focused on the process, we make changing your body a reality. 

Are you ready to change?