Thanksgiving Travel Workout

Wherever you find yourself this year on Thanksgiving, we want you to be able to MOVE. 

So we designed a special Fitness Alchemists workout that you can do anywhere! And we made a quick video to show you how to do the moves. 

"Turkey Werk"

Warm Up:

  • Shoulder Rolls - forward & backward x10 
  • Hip Circles - 10 each direction - make sure you feel a stretch!
  • Straddle Windmills (Jumping jack modification for later)
  • Low Crawl Prep  - 5 reaches with opposite arm& leg 


 1 Walkout + 5 Pushups (sub scapular pushups if you don't have full pushups yet) 

15 Air Squats (sub in Jump Squats for the more advanced athlete)

1 Walkout + 4 Pushups

20 Air Squats

1 Walkout + 3 Pushups

25 Air Squats

1 Walkout + 2 Pushups

30 Air Squats

1 Walkout + 1 Pushup


Grab a quick sip of water, then complete 4 rounds of the following

1. Single Leg Sit to Stand x8/leg (use a chair, park bench, anything! Just know that the lower the seat is, the harder the exercise will be.)

2. Thoracic Bridge x5 per side (For those with shoulder concerns, sub in the Low Crawl Prep from the warm up )

3. Jumping Jacks x40, 30, 20, 10**


**Each time you do a round, reduce the number of jumping jacks by 10 each round, until you get to 10. 


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