Client Spotlight: Dee

a story of conquering knee pain


Dee is a ray of sunshine. Even when she has had a frustrating day (and believe me, she has been handed some doozeys in the time that I've known her), she is excited to be at the gym, and her amazing attitude is infectious. 

When we first met, Dee was often walking with the use of a cane, due to arthritis in her knees and a torn meniscus that was never treated. She was in varying amounts of pain daily.

Today she is deadlifting, squatting, pushing the sled, and being an all-around functional fitness badass.  When we sat down for a one-on-one check in, she shared with me her most personally meaningful physical accomplishment: she is climbing the two flights of stairs to her house without pain, and without holding on to the railing. 


I'll let her take it from here:

I originally met Hannah at a business meeting and although I was there for other reasons I gravitated to her great energy. We scheduled some time to meet over coffee and talk shop about both of our businesses, but somehow I ended up talking mostly about my fitness needs. You see, I have a torn meniscus in my right knee and degenerative arthritis in both knees and I’ve had some real challenges walking, so I wanted to work with people who would care about my needs.

That was 7 months ago and I now have very little discomfort in my knees, I’ve lost weight and I am working out regularly w/people who pay attention to my physical limitations. I started with 1-on-1 sessions and over the last couple of months have moved to small group sessions and even though I sometimes feel like I’m not as advanced as some of the others Hannah and Will always find a way to help me go the extra mile and stretch myself.

They make sure we have travel workouts available, they schedule sessions for our family to work out with us and arrange the schedules to fit our needs. Not to mention, both of them have a knack for making sure each person feels included and that their workout is important.

My life has been completely changed because of the Fitness Alchemists (Will & Hannah) and I’m so very thankful for their work with me. I’ve literally readjusted my life to make sure I get my workout in and I’m grateful for the support I get as a result. I’ve made an investment in myself and God aligned the universe for the right people to help me make good on that investment.

We are so proud of you, Dee!

If this story resinates with you, please don't hesitate to reach out. Whatever has been holding you back, we can help. If you know it's time to get your body moving, but you aren't sure how to begin safely, you can apply for a FREE 30min consult by filling out our questionnaire