Make Your Mornings Suck Less: Part 3

Good morning! Hannah, here. 

Nothing like daylight savings to remind us of a universal truth: 
It is harder to get going in the DARK. 

Seriously. Doesn't it just feel wrong to get up before the sun? Even though I am now in the habit of getting up before sunrise, it's always much nicer to walk out the door to a little bit of light in the sky. 

Oh well. It will be back in a few weeks. 

But this brings me to one of the key things you can do to make getting up early suck less: Get the right alarm clock. 

As I mentioned in my first email about mornings, when my S.O. and I finally agreed to do early mornings together, we treated ourselves to a new alarm clock. 

But my phone is my alarm clock, Hannah! 

Yeah, I know. But does your phone wake you up gently by slowly brightening your room? Mine sure doesn't.

But my alarm clock does. 

See, it's a light.

Say you wanna wake up at 6:30am. You set your alarm clock, and it will start slowly brightening your bedroom from 6:15-6:30am, so that by the time your alarm goes off, your room is filled with (artificial) sunlight. Ta da!

If this isn't a great example of faking it til you make it, I don't know what is. 

Another bonus of having a legit alarm clock is that you can leave your phone out of the bedroom. This helps on both sides of sleep:

  1. At night: We ALL know that we shouldn't be staring at screens prior to bed if we want high quality sleep. If you haven't heard this yet, you're late aaaaaaaand welcome to 2018. We're delighted to have you. 
  2. In the morning: the surest way to NOT get out of bed and do all the great things you had planned for yourself is to lay there scrolling through social media/news/whatever on your phone. WE ALL DO IT. 

If your phone is your alarm clock, it is ALMOST impossible to resist the siren call of those notifications on your home screen when you turn your alarm off. You know I'm right. 

Leave your phone in the living room. Read a paper book before bed. Get an alarm clock. Thank me next week. 

But seriously. Looking back at my journey to becoming a morning person (resentfully, slowly, now joyfully) one of the things that made an immediate difference in my waking mood and ease of physically getting out of bed was this stupid alarm clock.

I almost don't expect you to believe me because I remember the way I felt before I got mine and I wouldn't have believed me then either. 

But enough of you asked, so I'm sharing what worked for me!