Hannah's Session with @HunterFitness

Hey, coach Hannah here, with a little confessional story for ya...

I just got back from a weekend in LA. Last November I signed up for an event I knew barely anything about (you’ve probably heard me talking about the Summit of Power if you follow us on Instragram) but when I signed up, it didn’t even have a name yet. This is a different story, for another email. 

Leading up to the event, I realized that I would be nearby to one of my mobility training mentors, Hunter Cook. I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t at least try to get in a training session with him while I was in the area. Amazingly, he had an opening in his crazy schedule, so I fought Friday LA traffic to get all the way down to Long Beach. 

While we were messaging back and forth before the session, he had asked me to be very clear about what I wanted to address in the session, so that we could jump in and maximize our time together. Here’s exactly what I said:

“I want to work on my shoulders. They are my personal blind spot. I have a good sense of what my hips (and other joints) need and how to go after it, but I am like a clueless 2 yr old throwing a tantrum when it comes to my shoulders. I'd like to get a clear read on what's needed. I'm hoping that will unlock the same creativity I have so readily at hand when solving for my clients’ issues ;)"

To sum up: I’ve always felt like my shoulders were “tight” and lately I’ve been having pain in what used to be my “good” shoulder. I want to do cool shit like pull-ups and handstands and aerial silks, so I need better range of motion, better control, and no pain.

If your irony meter is going off the charts right about now, you’re hella tuned in. Yes, this is exactly the same stuff I help my clients with, every day of the week. 

So why am I still stuck with tight, painful shoulders?

Because knowing is not the same as doing. 


Here's how our session went down:

Hunter started by asking me what I had been doing to make my shoulders better. He then asked me to show him my shoulder CARs (which I do daily). He assessed my range of motion, and confirmed just how limited it is. Based on that assessment, and my reported experience, he told me what I need to work on: the deep stuff - the shoulder capsule - not the outer muscles.

We then reviewed the techniques that will address and resolve this issue (techniques I learned at the FRC seminar back in April). He did show me a few new/different set ups for those techniques. I posted some of them on Instagram

But here's the crazy thing: he didn’t give me a new magical exercise or even a novel idea. He didn’t uncover a mysterious underlying cause that I had missed. 

Hunter didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.

The real lesson that seeing him drove home?

Knowing is not the same as doing. 

The body needs regular and consistent stimulus to make a lasting change. 

Knowing WHAT TO DO to deliver that stimulus won’t make your body change. 

DOING the thing over and over for a sustained period of time will make the body change. (I just ended three sentences in a row with the word “change” - and I'm not going to change that.)

The moral of this story is:

Sometimes you need to pay someone smart to tell you to do shit you know you should be doing. Even if you are a smart person who other people pay to tell them to do shit they know they should be doing. 

So I’m signing off now, to go DO THE THINGS I need to do to make my shoulders better. 

Thanks for listening,


PS. If you are my client and you feel like you have a similar blindspot, book your quarterly private.

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