Lessons in Intuition: Part 1

This story details the most expensive walk around lake Merritt I've ever taken.

(Hannah, here, with the full dish as promised  in my #randomtalkingvideo)


Every Tuesday morning at 7:10am I meet with a group of professionals who are dedicated to helping each other's businesses grow via referrals. 

We eat breakfast together, let each other know what type of person would make a good referral for us this week, and thank each other for closed business from the week before. 

It's a ritual I've come to love. 

We're a quirky, multi-talented bunch. 

This week, our health insurance guy gave me a batch of his home-roasted coffee beans. (see, multi-talented!)

I put the beans in my backpack and forgot about them. 

After the meeting, the Realtor In our group and I decided to take a walk around the lake together. 

I had biked to the meeting that day cuz my car is in the shop, so she generously offered for me to leave my giant, heavy backpack in her trunk while we walked. 

Now, before you locals say anything, I KNOW that cars get broken into and shit gets stolen on the regular in Oakland. 

But it was 8:30am. In broad daylight. In a well-traversed area in the parking lot of a fancy restaurant. 

So I was like, sure! 

We had a lovely walk and an even better talk. 

We got back to the car refreshed, basking in the glow of a budding friendship. 

We hugged each other and turned to open the trunk. 

It was then that I saw the chunks of broken glass by the rear tire. 

It was then that she opened the trunk and I saw my backpack was missing. 

It was then that my heart sank and I wished helplessly for a time machine so I could rewind my life ONE HOUR and not make that choice. 

My backpack was gone. 

Laptop - gone. Keys - gone (including my bike lock key, rendering my bike a prisoner of the kryptonite u-lock and me transportation-less.) My checkbook--gone! 

My mind raced - what else was in my backpack? Anything else crucially important? 

The rest of the day turned into theft triage. 

First order of business: cancel those checks and put a freeze on the checking account attached to them. 

Report my laptop stolen and turn on the tracking of the device. In case it turns up. Ha. Ha. 😭

File a police report (which, it turns out, you can do online--too convenient? Maybe. Clearly this happens to a lot of folks in Oakland. Insert me feeing EXTRA DUMB for leaving my valuables in a parked car.

Try to find spare key for bike lock. 

To no avail. 

Google search: "how to break a kryptonite u-lock" to much horror - it's pretty hard to do without a grinder. And even then, pretty dangerous. 


Search for bike key again. (No dice)

Cry some more. 

And then my luck turned. 

The Body shop called to say my car was ready to pick up. Whew! At least I'd have transportation. 


Then I saw a text from Will saying "check your email!!!"


A woman named Kay, a property manager for a building near the lake, had emailed to say that her groundskeeper had found my backpack with all of the pockets unzipped but with the keys attached in their parking lot. She had it in her office and I could come pick it up until 5 PM. 


Luckily, my business cards were in my backpack, which allowed her to contact me. 

Luckily, she was a kind person who took the time to email me. 

Thanks to her, I was reunited with my backpack and my keys, and was able to rescue my bike. 

Amazingly, my checkbook was still in my backpack! 


The laptop, of course, was long gone. 

I’m composing this email on my phone. (Such is my dedication to you, dear friends.)

Also still in the backpack was the bag of home-roasted coffee beans from that morning. 

So I brewed myself a cup of victory coffee today, to celebrate my good fortune in the midst of bad luck. 


It’s the little things, y’all.