Carving Out Space

We are about to head to the 2nd Annual FRS Summit this weekend. Will and I really really love getting to nerd out at a weekend seminar, I’ll tell you what. (Coach Hannah, here -- heyyyyy!)

Last year the theme was “Advanced Rotational Training” -- aka CARs on steroids.

The lectures pulled in space-time theory (you know, just a casual reference to Einstein and Hawking at the bottom of the slides). It was a deep dive into the inner workings of the human body, but the profound truth at the center of it all is this nugget:

A joint (be it a hip, shoulder, knee, etc) is the SPACE between bones.

In order for that joint to have healthy function and propel you through the world, it first needs adequate work space.

Under the constant pressure of gravity, your body instinctually navigates the most efficient way to accomplish any physical task you ask of it. Over time, the space in our joints can start to compress.

We start to take up less space, internally, based on the movement paths we tread.

If we then decide we want MORE for ourselves

more strength,

more dancing,

more energy

more than our usual daily actions...

...Job one is to learn how to create more space for yourself.

Take joining a gym or fitness program. When a new client signs up with us, the first job that person has to do in order to actually engage with our training is to figure out where in their week they can fit in three 55 minute sessions.

Once the client carves out that space, we can take care of filling it with nutritious movement snacks, but we can’t do the job of making the space.

The work space has to be created first.

It’s sounds simple, but it is harder than it seems.

I’m betting that you, like most of my clients, have a number of priorities competing for your time. Given that reality, making space for a workout can feel like taking space away from something else. It could mean getting up earlier than you usually do, which could mean going to bed earlier than you usually do, which might mean less time with your significant other at the end of the day. Or you decide to just to just short yourself on sleep.

EIther way, that space has to come from somewhere.

Making space for yourself is the step that often gets skipped - hence why so many people sign up for a gym and never actually get in the habit of going. Or buy an online course but never open it (I’m guilty of this one!)

So I’m just writing you this little love note to say, I hope you can make some space for yourself.

If you are trying, and finding it challenging, know that the struggle is REAL. Drop me a line and let me know how you are doing with this concept? I’d love to have something to read and respond to on the flight to SoCal this afternoon ;)

Thanks for making the space to read my ramblings,