MAKE (a) TIME(r)

Even when we know WHAT to do, it can still be a struggle to find time to do it.

I was just chatting with a client after class today about this very phenomenon. Coach Hannah, here. He is about to go on vacation for 3 weeks, and was asking about strategies to keep himself in the groove of his movement practice while on the road.

“Do you guys have any videos? I just notice that I’ll get distracted and lost in thought when I try to exercise on my own, and then I don’t get very much done.”

“We have a few,” I hedged, “but better yet, just set a timer.”

His eyes lit up inquisitively.

I continued, “Pick 3 exercises you know you need, set a timer for 20, 30, 40 minutes -- whatever you can devote to your practice -- and do as many high quality sets as you can in that time.”

He looked relieved. “That’s great! I can totally do that.”

Sometimes we just need a container to help us do the thing.

You know how I learned that the timer trick works?

BECAUSE I GET DISTRACTED TOO and feel like there is too much other important shit to do and fail to make time for my movement practice.

Regularly. Still. Even though I am a movement professional and have been teaching for almost 10 years.

So give it a go.

  1. Pick 3 moves you know your body needs,

  2. Set a 20 minute timer on your magical smart phone

  3. Put your phone on “do not disturb” and vow to not touch it until the timer goes off

  4. and then MOVE.

I’m gonna sign of now and do the same.

See you on the other side,