III. Space

Bonjour, c’est Coach Will, with major news (read on), and waxing poetic...

Time, as they say, only moves in one direction.

Always forward, onward, into entropy.

Into disarray, chaotic apartness.

Our only hedge against this overwhelming direction is to organize our Space, to give ourselves the field of awareness in which we might happily enjoy that inscrutable, non-negotiable dissolution into chaos that is Time.

This language of physics is studied and pursued precisely because it can sufficiently describe the actions of physical objects large (universe/galaxy/Big Bang) and small (quarks/neutrons/Higgs bosons), as well as all the sizes of things in between.

Which is why it is so important that we understand how the laws of physics interact with our own bodies, at the perfectly life-size scale of Us.

How does Space manifest in the corners of our bodies? Is there enough Space (for movement and dreaming and loving and striving)? Can your brain feel (articulate) the edges of that Space?

These are physical questions about your body that inevitably lead you to focus time and training on your joints--your fulcrums of movement and awareness--themselves governed as much by the laws of physics as by the laws of biology, psychology, neurology, physiology, and all the other, you know, actual science (!!!).

But how about space on other scales? How do you feel in terms of consciousness space? Do you have room to mentally maneuver? How about the space inside your guts? Are things happily gliding, or painfully cramped? Relationally? Professionally?

In any given situation where Time is a component (e.g. Life), having adequate space is essential for harmonious equilibrium. It’s not even just a matter of amount of space. It’s a Goldilocks problem: not too much (can’t control well), not too little (no room to move!)--just the right amount.

Which is why we are so excited to announce that we have secured a lease for our own, dedicated facility--The Fitness Alchemists HQ ;)--in the Lower Dimond neighborhood of Oakland.

Of course, many more details to come, but for now we are over the moon to find out what things look like given the adequate room to maneuver.

In the game of life, having the right space makes all the difference. We could not be more excited to share this next, spacious phase of our business with you.

To finding your gold,

Coach Will