Celebrate Yourself

Birthdays are always a little weird for me. (coach Hannah, here, writing to you on my actual day of birth.)

I was an only child of a single mother, so ALONE was the default for me. I spent more time by myself than I wanted to, and as a result, constantly craved company.

It’s only in the last year (2019) that I have come full circle on alone time. These days, I really like being alone. I see it as a chance to connect with myself, to fill my cup.

I no longer see it as a yawning chasm that I desperately need to fill with company. I actually feel hungry for alone time when I don’t get enough.

This is a new jam, for me y’all!

Growing up, birthdays were a big deal in my house. My mom would encourage me to plan elaborate theme parties--whatever my little heart could dream up. But the parties were always a bit of a let-down.

The experience never lived up to the anticipated fantasy.

I’ve finally squared with the fact that piling ALL THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE into one venue for a few hours is actually a bad idea. It’s stressful. And it doesn’t allow me to connect with each person in the deep and intimate way that makes our relationship sing.

So now I embrace the concept of a “birthday month” and I make lots of celebratory moments with smaller groups of curated people.

This year, I also made a playlist, in case you want to dance with me during my birthday month.

How do you celebrate yourself? What’s your ideal scenario?

I invite you to inquire into this subject, and see if what you *think* you want (aka what you usually do) is really what your truest self is really craving.



P.s. this might be the best birthday present this year: