What is foundational strength?

Foundational strength is what we teach you to find in yourself.

Think about it like this: foundational strength is like learning the alphabet before you learn to write. It is the baseline that allows you to navigate life’s physical demands with ease. It is a platform on which you can build and specialize, in any direction you can dream up (We're talking to you, triathletes, martial artists, and performers/competitors of all stripes!). Once you achieve and maintain Foundational Strength, a host of benefits become yours: freedom from daily aches and (in some cases) relief from chronic or injury-related pain, sustained energy (mental and physical), increased self-confidence, and the freedom to explore and overcome any kind of physical obstacle or challange. This kind of training has a funny way of making formerly "weak" or "klutzy" people into strong, capable movers.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to feel more confident in their physical capabilities.

Do you want to be able to say “yes” to cool stuff like hiking, rock climbing, doing a 5K or learning to sail? Or maybe your job has physical requirements—you have to lift boxes, move patients, or be on your feet for long hours. Or maybe your daily work requires you to sit still, in which case your body is likely craving movement as an antedate to stillness. Or maybe, like many of our clients, you’ve had an injury that has prevented you from participating in your usual activities for some time, and you are looking for a way to get back into the flow, or a new movement habit altogether. We can help.

Am I ready for training? 

Yup, probably!

Part of our training+life philosophy is that moving your body is an inherently health-bringing act, and we are committed to helping people do that in a life-changing way. Effective coaching is all about finding which movements, at what intensities, will help you feel and operate at your best. About 85% of our clients find that "special blend" in a class environment, while about 15% of clients find that private coaching works better. We don't mind which--we just like helping people find their strength. 

Honestly, without speaking to you about your individual situation, we cannot offer a definitive answer about if you're "ready"--So reach out and tell us more. We'd love to chat.

Do I need previous experience with Strength Training?

Not at all!

Many of our clients had never lifted weights before, and didn’t consider themselves “gym people.” We meet you where you are, and help you learn at your own pace. That said, our focused coaching has helped many seasoned lifters and athletes break through plateaus in their training, as we systematically identify and address areas of weakness.

How do I sign up for classes?

Plan Ahead!

Sign up in advance for the classes you need. Especially if you have limited availability. Get yourself on the books for the time slots that work for you. You can book 30 days out. 

Look at the whole week. 

To see a full week of classes, we recommend logging in to the scheduling system on your web browser on the computer, which then offers a week-long view. You can see which classes still have availability, and plan your workouts accordingly. 

If you’re not already a member, you will want to look here.

Members, log in here.

Use the app to book on the go.

If you are using your mobile device to book classes, the Zen Planner app is your best bet (for Apple or Android). Just note that you can only look at one day at a time; for a week-view you'll want to log in via web browser. 

How do Waitlists work?

If the class you need is full, get on the waitlist!

If someone drops out, you'll be automatically notified via email that you have been added to the class. Please note that if you are added within 15 hours of the class, and you cannot make it, it will not be counted as a late cancel. 

What if I need to cancel?

Cancel up to 15 hours ahead of the class start time.

So, if you're signed up for a 6:00a on Monday, you have to let us know before 3:00p Sun afternoon. This gives everyone a chance to adjust schedules accordingly.  However, if something comes up and you must cancel inside of 15 hours, send us a text at (510) 838-2344 so we know not to expect you. That will also give us the opportunity to manually bump someone in off the waitlist.