We decided to put together a list of our MOST recommended products to use*, practitioners to see, and ideas to read and think about. In every single case, we have personally used and enjoyed the benefits of the listed item or professional. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! Otherwise, just click the name and go directly to the product/website. 


  • Lacrosse Balls - For deep muscle release in hard-to-reach places
  • Foam Roller - self massage, core stability, and shoulder mobility
  • Rumble Roller - think of it as a foam roller 2.0. Maybe a little intense if rolling is new for you, but definitely a welcome part of the self-care package
  • Yoga Mat - (a.k.a. padded ground rectangle) there are a million decent options...this one is just a little less off-gas smelling.
  • Voodoo Floss - pure magic for creaky knees, elbows, hips, and wrists.
  • MWOD Myofascial Release Ball - lacrosse ball, 2.0. incredibly effective for being such a simple update. Highly recommended.
  • Kettlebells - your chosen hunk of metal matters, so get the right one! These are durable, well-made, and a great value. 
  • Superbands - a great mobility tool, and can be awesome for supplementing workouts on the road.
  • Mini Bands - awesome for core work, hip rehab, and you can take them anywhere you go!
  • Back Buddy - our favorite self-trigger-point release tool
  • Armaid - for those pesky forearms, this thing is a favorite of rock-climbers, massage therapists and other professional hand-users. 
  • Protein Powder (post-workout) - a pure whey protein isolate, this is our go-to post-workout protein source (not including grilled meat and/or fried eggs)
  • Protein Powder (meal-replacement) - a collagen-based protein (from grass-fed beef sources) makes for an effective meal-replacing supplement.
  • Beef Jerky - one of the best choices as an emergency protein snack
  • Fish Oil - an essential supplement to balance your fatty acid profile. Aids in fat loss, heart health, brain function and much more. 
  • Greens Powder - we all need to eat more leafy greens. Sometimes a powdered form can help us out.
  • Kraut crock - for those (fellow) self-fermenting probiotic fanatics


When people get started with training, one of our most-asked questions is about what kind of shoes we recommend; you can bet-yer-arse that we have an opinion! There are many great options out there, and each foot will like something slightly different, but over-all we believe strongly in the power of minimal shoewear. That means looking at basically three things as you shop:

  • is it flat from heel to toe? Described as, or close to, "zero heel-drop".
  • is it as minimally cushioned as your body can handle? The less material between your foot and the ground, the less interference there is as your body "learns" proper mechanics from the hard ground. Going to less, and eventually zero, cushion takes some time (and might not make sense for certain foot types and conditions) so don't rush right in if this is all new for you. 
  • will it suit your purposes? If you are taking part in a particular sport, do the smart thing and get appropriate and durable footwear (olympic lifting shoes for olympic lifting, soccer cleats for playing soccer, etc). This gets a bit more complicated when we talk about running, but for most people (especially beginners), your strength training shoes can and should be very similar to your running shoe (unless you have a particular foot issue). 

Now, for specific shoe recommendations, our answer almost always comes down to 1 of these 3:

  • Inov-8 F-Lite series (Men's and Women's): close-to-zero-drop but with some cushion. Great option for all-around training and running (especially if you are new to minimal shoes). 
  • Vivobarefoot lifestyle shoes: AWESOME shoe company focused on making a barefoot lifestyle actually live-able; worth the expense. Their training options are great too, but a little intense if you're new to minimal footwear. 
  • Nike Free running shoes: another solid running option, although a little cushy. Click here for mens or womens models.  

If you need more specific guidance, just ask!



  • Melissa Crago @ Life Chiropractic - Dr. Melissa approaches the body and its health via a wide selection of specific techniques (upper cervical, applied kinesiology, Webster, SOT) and imaging (digital thermography and digital X-Ray in the office) in order to help the body heal most effectively.   
  • Karen Kartch @ Kartch Chiropractic - Dr. Karen is super-experienced (20+ years) and holistically combines a variety of therapies (Graston, Trigenics, nutritional therapy, etc.) to get at the root cause of client issues.  


  • Shawne Lopes - Specializing in Sports Medicine and pain management. Shawne uses a combination of motor point needling, electro-acupuncture, cupping, guasha (scraping) and manual therapy to treat chronic pain,  muscle tightness and acute injuries. 
  • Wanda Dabkoska - A Chinese Medicine guru, Wanda treats the whole human. Especially effective with internal ailments and chronic pain relief.  


  • Whitney Moses - Whitney specializes in injury recovery and prevention, prenatal massage, and NKT. 
  • Hana Levin @ Melt Massage - Specializes in sports massage, stress reduction, pain management, and
    athletic performance. 

Physical Therapy and Postural Work

  • Jonathan Ide-Don, DPT - Jon brings together expertise from all over the movement map, finding and correcting underlying issues faster than you can say, "Whoa."
  • Kim Taylor: diagnosed with scoliosis at 11 years old, Kim healed herself from back pain, knee pain, and shin splints using The Egoscue Method®. Kim graduated from Egoscue University® and is now a certified Postural Alignment Therapist. Kim is also a 500 + Registered Yoga Teacher with over 15 years experience teaching and observing bodies. 


  • Will's blog - learning, thinking, music-ing
  • Hannah's blog - recipes, training insight, gluten-free living
  • Tony Gentilcore - strength & conditioning, training tips, very bro-style movie reviews (seriously :)
  • Gymnastic Bodies - advanced bodyweight training, with some interesting overlaps into the Pilates world
  • Eric Cressey - sports-specific strength & conditioning (mostly baseball), coaching insights, etc.
  • Dean Sommerset - strength training as explained by a high-level physical therapist, training tips, functional anatomy
  • Girls Gone Strong - a grounded female perspective on training, life, and being a bad-ass
  • Precision Nutrition - our go-to for generic nutrition information
  • Seth Godin - marketing guru, creativity hacker, etc

*In the interest of transparency: nearly all product links are "affiliate" links*, meaning we make a (very) small amount of money when you buy the item via our link.