Small Group Training

How It Works

We start each client with a 1-1 session to ensure that our coaches intimately understand each client's goals, injury history, and baseline of fitness. From there you move into Small Group Training (learn more about the classes on our FAQ page). We make sure that you get the coaching attention you need by keeping the groups small (5 people maximum).

The workouts are designed to make you into a strong, flexible, and agile human. You'll be using things like kettlebells, sleds, medicine balls, and barbells to keep the training well-rounded, as well as a strong foundation of Kinstretch mobility work.

That said, we tailor each session to the clients that sign up for that particular hour--it's not just a cookie-cutter regurgitated workout we ripped off the internet. You can get that for free. On the internet. (But we don't recommend it, and our guess is you are here because you want something different.) 

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All classes are held at  Pacific Strength (2344 Harrison St., Oakland) near Lake Merritt, Adams Point and Grand-Lake/Lakeshore neighborhoods

Morning Classes

6:30am: Monday - Wednesday, Friday

7:30am: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

8:30am Monday - Wednesday, Friday

9:30am: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

Evening Classes

6:00pm & 7Pm: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

SUNDAY Classes


10:15am Small Group Training

11:15am Small Group Training

Want to train but don't see a time that works for you? Contact us


We create custom training plans for each client. Plans may include a combination of private training, group training, and Kinstretch mobility classes, depending on what you need.  Shoot us an email if you're interested in learning more, or book a complimentary phone consultation with one of our coaches!